Eulogy Wheels: Abdiel Colberg Tribute Wheel

Abdiel Colberg is one of the steeziest bladers ever, and if you are keeping an eye on his Instagram, you know he kills it to this day still! Isaac Oltmans over at Eulogy recently found a batch of unused wheels, and decided to run a super limited series of these 55mm babies in honor of the longtime team rider and Puerto Rican legend, Abdiel himself: these are scheduled to drop late May, so stay tuned and make sure to grab yourself a set if you can!

How’s this for a Throwback Thursday?! I found some 55mm wheels sitting in a drum. Some are a little yellowed but that just means they’re cured and had a little exposure to UV. We will be printing them and paying Homage to the man himself, Abdiel Colberg. VERY limited edition, will be released at the end of May.

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