Dustin Werbeski: “What’s A TV?” Now Available on VOD

Xsjado. No more. Blade wizard. Dustin Werbeski. Iphone technology. Two years. Barcelona and Canada. Streams of consciousness. Secret doors. Television and telephones. Future and past. Elliptic storytelling. Bits of musical sensations. Visions of Johanna. Intense hill bombing. Eyes wide open. Impossible tricks. Arts and creativity. Car skitching. Trams too. Immerse yourself. Dive head first. Support the artistry.

I present to you a film, cut to resemble the classic channel surfing syndrome, of a real TV & it’s countless chaotic programs we’ve found ourselves flipping through. There was no plan to film or produce this piece. Not til after a year of playing with the phone, when I noticed how much random footage I had collected & thought that others would care to see what I saw. Featuring a bunch of bladers, strangers & other friends, who I met & documented during my travels around Canada & Spain in 2014/15.– DW

Download the 27 minutes VOD here: sellfy.com/p/yoQt

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