Dustin Latimer: A Few Days on Blades

Dustin Latimer is arguably one of the most influential bladers in history, and to see him spend a few days on blades will put a huge smile on more than one face! From USD, to Mindgame and Xsjado, DL has shaped the image of the sport and left an everlasting mark: watch him rip his local parks, and feel free to use the tip jar on Vimeo, as all the money will go straight into DL’s pocket. If that’s anything that could have him spend more time on the blades, we highly recommend that option!

Spring break to the beach also entailed hitting a few skateparks with my son. It just so happened my buddy Phil Han was up for hangin and filming, so lo behold a little section was made. Enjoy.” – Dustin Latimer

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