Dominic Bruce: Lost Clips by Ryan Tait

The Blackjack Project team rider and ever-smiling Dominic Bruce just released the last of his SSM clips, and they sure are worthy of a few minutes of your time! Captured through the gritty streets of Scotland by Ryan Tait, these Lost Clips now find their way onto the Internetz, and showcase Dom’s incredible vision and blading skills, as he shreds any obstacle set on his path with a bag of incredible & creative tricks: enjoy!

The bulging veins of body, noticed, as a tract of pipe dreams. And, pulsing, the cells, of philharmonic blood, salvation on hopes monkey bars, made vision in reaction and response. oxygen thickened and thinned in earnest conversations. The rather stretched muscle yet firmly placed backbone of the Haitian Reincarnation tour cognised a doorbell ring to the scampered brain of this production. An amalgamation of tricks and tangents, reeled from its waiting harbour, a rope left unknotted as memory. Bobbed past the port of posting, operators left watching the shared scatter of signals. The process of filming this stream of pixels, could most definitely be seen as a dot to dot ; ending where it begun; an idea. Much thanks to the masked monkey ; Ryan Tait for pushing the buttons into their landings. This display of clumsy ballet is probably the last clips to surface from a highly incredible, word readable, rough edged and waxed ledge period of housing the toes in the ashram of SSM. An opportunity that goes unspoken, engraved in the atom heart, like a marked initials of a growing tree. The departing of utensils, lands familiar in change, maintaining the texture of the gravelled, grave led voices of the ground. Documentation files&smiles in creative justice. Filmed throughout various cities in Scotland. Milking the architecture of udders it didn’t know it had. Planning didn’t have much of a name in the back and forth ball game of filming but somehow this found its way into a presentable dormitory. Enjoy the show.” – Dominic Bruce

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