A collaborative effort of John Vossoughi as filmer, Dirtbox as producers and Erick Garcia behind the photographic lens, Collin Martin’s latest video part, aptly named ‘My Friend Collin’ brings another breath of fresh air to rollerblading. Erick wrote a little backstory about one of the tricvks in the video, looking a lot like a skateboarding christ air on his FB wall: Collin was lacing this trick (please forgive me but there is a name to this air, I just forgot) and I suggested a cess slide after the air would be amazing. I was totally kidding but he slapped down one of the most innovative tricks I’ve seen in decades! Much respect to the style and passion Collin has on his skates. He grew up skating with Rory Melehan, so seeing this type of skating is no surprise but to see him use his body the way he does in his 30’s radiates inspiration.