David Sizemore: The Shangri La Project

You might have watched David Sizemore‘s Coterie trailer already, and probably will watch him a few more times too, but at this point chances are you haven’t heard much about the Shangri La project itself. Well, the website is now up, and here is the info from David himself, along with a selection of pictures to give you a better idea, so read on and stay tuned for this promising release!

This is my take on VOD. I’m not trying to trick anyone, this isn’t a full length video. It is a five & a half minute montage with some good friends of mine. It will be up for sale next week. Hope ya’ enjoy it.” – David Sizemore

The website is online here: http://www.shangrila-pictures.com/
And you can see more pictures here: http://instagram.com/shangrilapictures

Up ALLLL Night


Howie n Spira


Ten Car

COTERIE Horizontal Poster

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