Daniel Nielsen Dyrhe has just dropped his newest street profile which was primarily filmed by Claus Rytter Nielsen this year in Denmark, Holland and Spain. Daniel had this to say about the filming for his newest “Don’t Sponsor Me” tape.

This section was filmed during some busy months whilst working a full time job as a teacher and renovating our house. Finding time to film isn’t as easy as it used to be in my twenties. With that being said, I realized that I need as much skating as I can in my life. Skating gives me joy and motivation for so many things besides skating itself. It is no secret that I am a big fan of Sean and Colin Kelso, which some might have figured out while watching this. So also big shout out to my childhood and still going, blading heroes SK and CK.

Daniel Nielsen Dyrhe

In “Don’t Sponsor Me” Daniel comes through with some fast footed technical moves that will surely make the Kelsos proud. And if you are a company owner, you should definitely NOT listen to Daniel and hook the man up! He definitely has the skills, as you can see!