Ivan Kovtun shot and cut Daniel Goncharov’s profile section, just released for USD. Daniel’s skating is quite honestly some of the best flowing we’ve seen in a while.
Here’s what Daniel had to say about it: “Over the last 2 years of life, there were a few things that have changed something in my head, including the attitude towards skating. I wanted to make the file “my own” for myself. And here you go. I actively learned to play the guitar, which also affects my feelings towards blading. For this I am grateful to many people who were my teachers and listeners. Special thanks go to my friend Eduard Mnatsakanyan from About:Blank band, and all the guys from About:blank band, and to Evgeny Roshkovskiy. Great respect to my friend Ivan Kovtun for having filmed all this on video. I was guided by many goals, but one of the most important was to make a video, watching which can make all of you, tough guys, raise your ass and go to blade, to get your portion of kaifarikov I will believe that it will happen, and that the abrasions and bruises are worth the price for this. Live – blade – catch the moment. Peace to everyone”!