Colin Kelso: New York State Of Mind Interview

Blade OG and style master Colin Kelso caught up with the guys running the new New York State Of Mind website, and together they bring you this sweet interview which covers CK’s upbringing in the city of Philadelphia, the essence of style, the B Unique days, growing up skating with brother Sean Kelso, and East Coast legends Joe Dedentro, Jon Ortiz, Ryan Jacklone & many more… Take a look, and keep an eye on NYSOM for more good stuff too!

What to say about Colin Kelso? “I shall begin by speaking about our ancestors, since it is only right and proper on such an occasion to pay them the honor of recalling what they did.“(Thucydides pg.39). A general of Athens said this during a speech to a massive crowd pertaining to their history, and New York State of Mind feels that the idea in the text can be used to acknowledge Colin Kelso and the years he has invested in our industry.– NYSOM

Read the full interview:!NYSOM-Presents-Colin-Kelso
Visit the New York State Of Mind site:


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