There couldn’t be a more appropriate time than a Sunday to announce the launch of the new Belgium based Blessed Wax, brought to you by either the Pope himself or some very good spirited jokesters! What we know so far is their website is up and running, their product is ready to ship, their manifesto is worth a read, and they should start announcing their team tomorrow! So stay tuned, and follow their different channels!

We, at BLESSED WAX, decided to take the devil by the horns, because the Judgement Day has come, and Redemption will be given to you for only 1€. We assure you a place in Paradise, a ticket to the Promised Land, Life after Death, some wings in the back, a thousand Virgins and so on and on. With a piece of BLESSED WAX in your hand, cover your favorite spot with the Holy Shroud, let your tricks be possessed by the Grace of God, and get an access to the ultimate Nirvana of Transcendantal blading !

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