The Malaga FOOD FIGHT (rollerblading) Street Jam its happening on October 22nd, our friend Aritz Ortega informs us.

As you may know, Malaga became one of the southern Europe cities which in the past 2 years has grown a lot, every month lots of riders are coming to join us in our sessions, to film and to party with us, making the city bigger and bigger in the European rollerblading scene.

Thats why we started thinking about making an street jam, where more than a competition, we want to focus on a big session with all the friends, kids and everyone who wants to come and join us, trying to show to the rest of the public how cool, friendly and awesome our sport is.

The competition will be placed around the university area of Malaga, having 3 different skate spots, ( flat box, middle down rail and for the final spot we will have a big steep rail , back to basics ) and to finish, in the evening we will go to the local outdoor skatepark for the prize giving, music, bbq and a jam for everyone who still wants to skate , giving prices for the best tricks .
1st prize for the main event will be 1000€ cash.

So, if you’re around Spain in late October, don’t miss it.

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