Antony Pottier: Seba Skates 84mm Edit

Arcena pro and Belgium‘s pride Antony Pottier just released his latest section for his boot sponsor Seba, and this is something you don’t want to miss! Anto has been skating 84mm wheels for the better part of the year, filming with friend Medhi Benjeaa , he and had a really specific project in mind when it came to showcasing the many possibilities of such a setup. Well, it is now live for all of you to see: merry Christmas y’all!

Antony Pottier wishes you a Merry Christmas, and his gift is nothing less than the release of his latest section!
He is using his Freeride skates set-up « SEBA FRA + 84mm Deluxe wheels » to skate pretty much on anything! Pavement, dirt, sand, grass, rails… Nothing can stop Antony’s big wheels, and the city of Liege, (Belgium) became a new playground, through his perspective.
Antony has the style of a master, and this online section sure proves his point once for all! He is breaking all the frontiers, shows and shares his very own vision of skating.

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