Anders Carlson-Wee: Dynamite

OG Minnesota blader Anders Carlson-Wee‘s first poetry book is just about to be released, and considering the evolution of this world, we are quite excited at the thought of reading words that were actually printed on paper! Dynamite is already available for pre-order on the editor’s website, so head over to Bull City Press to learn more about the book, read the title poem, and give a fellow rollerblader and poet some support!

The poems in Anders Carlson Wee’s Dynamite are, as their title suggests, dramatic and volatile, filled with an explosive and masculine energy. And yet it’s the subtle but ever-surfacing lyricism radiating out from stunning understatements coupled with precise and nuanced detail that makes these poems unforgettable. Dynamite is a collection that first affects the reader strongly and swiftly—and then achingly and hauntingly over time.– Jennifer Grotz, author of The Needle

Pre-order Dynamite and read the title poem here:


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