Adapt Brand: Symetrics Flat Frames Now Available

It took a little while and 5 updates for the Symetrics frames that were originally premiered at Winterclash this year to finally hit the market, but here they are and they sure do look good! Fitting up to 60mm wheels flat, the frames are now available in both black and white versions on the brand’s website, so if you were one of the many impatient customers waiting to get your hands on these, waste no more time and get yours now!

After a rough start, the Symetrics flat frame is now finally available! We’ve made several upgrades to the design of the frame to improve its overall strength and the high quality plastic has rendered the outside spacer plates unnecessary.
The Symetrics 60mm flat frame is designed for skating flat with a maximum wheel size of 60mm. It is the first frame to offer a dual angled groove that ensures a better ability to lock onto grinds. By combining a smaller and shallower groove with the perfect frame wall thickness the grinding surface will be diverted away from your wheels, ensuring you will not get stuck on your wheels while grinding.
The frames are CNC machined out of the same material as the Symetrics soulplates, so they slide like butter and are extremely durable.

Buy yourself a set now:
Visit the Symetrics website here:
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