Jon Fromm ( @jonfromm ) is one of blading’s hardest working and consistent rollerbladers currently rolling and the time has FINALLY come where ole Jonny Boy can show off his very own signature model Brutale skate made by Adapt Brand! The eye-catching skates are a rare collaboration among Jon’s sponsors, which feature his pro 50/50 Balance 2 frames and Jon’s new 59mm pro Red Eye Wheels, all riding nicely on a sleek white Brutale model.

To kick off the skate release, Jon has been hard at work filming with Travis Stewart and Daniel Scarano over the last 4 months of 2022, where Jon pulled out all the stops for a monumental skate promo! Fromm busts out his usual technical wizardry that he is famous for which includes doing pretty much every trick imaginable…both ways! But he also has some new tricks in his arsenal which will definitely leave you scratching your head in disbelief! So peep the inspiring promo and be sure and pick up a pair of Jon’s new skate which are available for purchase here on the Adapt site!

Shot and edited – Travis Stewart Secondary angles – Daniel Scarano