#VLCSUMMER: Alex Cebrián Leftovers

Valencia’s VLC crew is getting ready to release their full-length #VLCSUMMER video, which will premiere next month at More Fayah Contest. And now they want you to get warmed up too, and that’s something these Alex Cebrián leftovers might help achieve! The latter lays down a handful of hammers, gets technical & smooth, and occasionally disasters onto rails… More than enough reasons to check him, and stay tuned for the full video!

VLC CREW presents a film by Angel Zorraquino
Starring Alex Cebrián, Teles Ángel, Joni Prados, Felipe Batista, Carles Durich, Carlos Campillo & rest of the VLC Crew.
Co starring David Serrano & Pelayo Gonzalez.
Premiere at More Fayah Street Contest, 12 March 2016 in Valencia (Spain)

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