Vine St. & Sideshow Rodeo SWISS PREMIERE

As you can understand from the name, Stephan’s Bar has “Cinéma” in it’s name, only because there was a cinema further down the street ages ago. When we started planning out the Premiere, we just thought we should gather loads of people and watch it in the main room of the bar, but only a few days before did Stephan tell me there were two very important Portugese football/soccer match that night, and that basically it would’ve been hard to tell the local residents to bugger off while the young generation watch some rollerblading video.

Stephan has always had a cellar he never knew what to do with, thinking of making a smoking room, or an after party shack..etc. basically we had to think quick as the date was approaching and we definetely could not change place, nor use the main room. For the past few days, Stephan and friends have been emptying this basement, cleaning and arranging what was once just a dirty, old and rusty stock room.

Here are a few illustrations of what the room was like and how we somehow manage to turn it into the next VINE ST & SIDESHOW RODEO Projection Room…or the “Cinéma du Café”.

We destroyed what was once called shelves and turned them into benches, built beemer supports out of it, swipped almost a ton of dust and rust from the floor and wall. painted the back wall for our “Screen” and installed a bar and couches to enhance confort into this whole room.