USD Show of Force, Tour Day Minus 1

Pics and text by Oli Benet

Brett Dasovic arrived after a 23 hour journey and a ton of delays, thanks to the volcano we have all grown to love. Chris Hack arrived on time and in good shape, and this caused much relief back at home camp. Tomorrow the rest of the crew arrives, and we are all crossing our fingers.

The, however, weather is not on our side. On Tour day, minus one, we managed to catch 1 hour of sunlight and 10 hours of rain. In this hour we skated a small square, and managed to get a ton of photos and clips before moving on to a small flat lege. Just as we were moving on, however, the rain started up again.

The vibe is perfect, and everyone is feeling productive – we can’t wait to get on with our trip!

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And you can check this nice little edit of the session posted earlier today! 

Chris Hack & Brett Dasovic Show of Force mini rain session. from ConferenceTV on Vimeo.