Up and comers: Victor Legrand

Intro by Freddy White 
Photography by Samsofy & Clément Barbaza
Edit by Fred Simcic  

Name: Victor Legrand

Date of birth: August 9th, 1990

Years skating? 10 years

Where did you grow up? In Saint Etienne in the center of France 

Where do you live today? In Paris

Where was the video section shot? Berlin and Paris

What’s your current occupation? I work for American Apparel 

What’s the French scene like right now? I just skate with my friends from le Sean’s

Who’s coming up in France? Louis Vilar 

What’s your inspiration to rollerblade? Sean Santamaria, Micah Yeager, Brian Shima…

How long have you been riding for Nimh? A few months  

Why Nimh? Because they are light, reactive and I enjoy skating them

Other sponsors? Frenchy Fries

What projects, have you been shooting for which we can look out for? Le Sean’s 2 just out

Visit http://www.frenchyfries.fr/