Up and Comers: Eric van Boven

Introdution by Kevin Chow
Interview by Marnix Haak
Photography by Bojd Vredevoogd
Edit by Cavin Brinkman

What’s your age and who are your sponsors?

I’m 25 years old and I roll for Adapt Brand blades.

Upcomer? Man you’re 25 years old, shouldn’t you already be retiring?

Physically I am pretty screwed yes, and because of my work I don’t have the time to skate a lot.

So you don’t consider yourself an up comer?

In terms of recognition I do. Adapt loves my skating and started supporting me which is really cool and this has given me extra motivation to go out on the streets to skate as much as possible.

Aren’t you upset getting recognition so late in your “skating career”?

It would be cool if it happened earlier, but that’s not what I really aim for when skating.

What do you aim for?

Inner satisfaction. Making skating look cool.

What is the deal with Adapt? Are you an amateur or pro?

I’m riding on the Amateur team.

Any ambitions on getting higher in the ranks?

I just wanna skate as much as possible and we’ll see where the ship hits the land.

You are notorious for switching skates. For example in your ‘NIET DOLLEN’ profile we see you rolling four different brands. Are things different now with Adapt?

I was constantly looking for the best skates to go with my skating and never really got satisfied. That’s until now; Adapt skates fit me perfectly, and it’s the brand I will give full support to from now on.

And if they dismiss you?

I am going to ski.

You don’t skate a lot nowadays, can we still expect some new tricks in future edits?

Who knows, but my main focus is doing the tricks I already got with more perfection on cooler and bigger spots.

You are a perfectionist when it comes to skating, always looking very focused and serious. Are you actually happy when you skate?

Very happy. I set high demands on myself and always want it to look cool. When it doesn’t feel that way, I’m not satisfied. But when something works out, it’s worth the entire struggle.

On which video part you are the most proud?

The shared part in The Breakfast Club with Patrick Ridder and Wouter Schokkin, mostly because of the topsoul in Zeeland.

Inspirations nowadays?

Andrew Jacuzzi, Andrew Nemiroski, Mike Lilly, Honey Baked and Brian Bina.

The emo dudes right?

If you want to call them that, yes.

What is the first thing you think of when I say ‘Supermossels’?

Green skinny.

Is it coming back?


Never say Never.


I remembered five years ago in Hilversum035 you got a little hole in your brand new jeans and got really really pissed about it. Now you ride around with killer holes in your pants. Is this the new style?

No, all the holes you see are authentic. None are pre-made.

‘The Void’, the filmproject you did with Cavin and got cancelled half way the filming process, what is going to happen with the footage?

That footage is being used for the edit where we’re doing this interview for.

(Facepalm) What can we expect from you in the future? Any video parts maybe?

For now mostly edits I guess.

Shout outs?

My girl Charli, Remco van der Pol, Cavin Brinkman, Donny Pelleboer, Pieter and Olga from Adapt and all the other homies.