Up and comers: Camill von Egloffstein

Intro by Dario Soller
Images and edit by Holger Thalman

Name: Camill ‘Miller’ von Egloffstein
Age: 22
Hometown: I live in the most snobbiest, but most beautiful city Munich, down south in Germany.
Sponsors: I never had sponsors, I just skate for good times, memories, skatetrips and friends haha
Favorite skate event: i simply like every skate event i can join, but i remember an outstanding event. it was the Realstreet competition in Stuttgart this summer.
Current set-up: Razors Aragon 2 with an old 50/50 Balanceframe, a salomon liner and cheap wheels from ebay….
Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: It wasn’t only one edit, more the whole DVD “Collective Sky” from Melbourne Australia. Robbi pitts edited it and it’s such good proof for how funny rollerblading can be. By the way, good on ya Mate 😉
Good advice you have been given: To cite my good friend and personal trainer Dario Soller: “Take one single deep breath and go for it”
Bad habit: Skating hangover.
Worst injury so far: A bad cut on my right shin (14 stitches), broken left arm.
One thing you would spent one million Euro for: A good indoor skatepark in Munich I guess, if I got the money after the Oktoberfest and had something left…
One thing that makes you really angry: Luckily nothing makes me so angry, that I wouldn’t forgot it the next day.
Reasons to smile: Family, Friends, Beer…the list is endless.
Your favorite skater from back in the day: I cant decide between Dustin Latimer, Brian Shima and Jon Elliot.
Skater of the year so far: Big probs to Lucas Landthaler, he is a friendly and funny machine on rollerblades and in person.

Camill doing his signature trick: Top Porn

Miller shredding Munich’s popular curb spot

Shooting with short time visitor Rob G in Munich