Tri-State Skate Tour Part 3

Story by Greg Kiefer
Images and edit by Sam DeAngelis and Jay Staine

By the 3rd day everyone was starting to get a little affected by the lack of sleep in the upstairs sauna(thanks Steve and everyone else!) and the 24/7 skating/partying. Everyone still skated their hardest as you can see in the edit, getting it out of our systems knowing we had a miserable 10 hour ride back to NYC/NJ.

Special thanks to Sam DeAngelis for coming out to take photos/video, Jay Staine from Rolling Film Media for not only filming, but also editing all 3 parts (maybe broll/falls also shhh), Virginia from Xtreme Wheels for having an amazing park and shop, and also the guys over at RASP who did an amazing job building the new park. Last but not least a huge thank you to Steve Bruning for allowing our HUGE group to stay at The Stoop for the entire weekend. Hope to see everyone up north again soon! TSS 4 LIFE!”