Tri-State Skate Tour Part 2

Story and images by Sam DeAngelis
Edit by Jason Staine

Rochester local Grant Hazelton showed us some familiar spots around town and we shredded the day away. After a couple of hours we head back to Rochester Action Sports Park to skate a demo for the Grand Opening. R.A.S.P. showed Tri-State Skate tons of love and support as the attendance in the park grew throughout the night. Throughout the night I had the opportunity to snap a couple of great shots of the team riders and Tri-State Skate supporters ripping the new park.

After the demo, the team headed back to Steve Brunning’s famous abode and the infamous “Stoop” to re-cap the day’s events. A great team, some amazing skating, and the Roc City support made it up for a great weekend in Upstate New York. Tri-State Skate Shop owner, Greg Kieffer, has done it again as he managed piece together a perfect tour weekend.

The whole Tri-State Skate team laced the entire weekend for another great edit produced by Rolling Film Media owner Jason Staine.

nnsadam Tri-State Skate Team includes Greg Kieffer (Owner), Ryan Many, Bobby Reichel, Sean Agoliati, Jesus Medina, Jim Koenig, Tim Franken, Pat Bernet, Jason Staine (Videographer/Editor) and Sam DeAngelis (Photographer/Additional Footage)