TRAITEMENT: Now online!

In memory of the great Brandon Negrete, who’s work has been an inspiration to all of US – Jonas Hansson

Text by Seán Ó Dálaigh
Media by Jonas Hansson

In Traitement Hansson paints a different picture to the usual fisheye + hammer style we’ve become accustomed to, taking a more measured approach. A rich visual tapestry is skilfully woven on his journey through Europe’s city streets. The beautiful cinematic shots feel more professional, more refined than the usual skate-flicks, creating the feeling of blading these cities, being a part of the sessions. There’s some interesting narration interspersed, giving a little insight to what blading means to the individuals. The music was carefully selected and is very well matched to each section. There’s the uber-hip Beach House, and Beirut, with a few tracks from The Cinematic Orchestra included, and more, all of which set a perfect tone throughout.

The film centres around 3 key players, Dominik Wagner in Berlin, Kåre Lindberg in Copenhagen and Mathieu Heinemann (IMYTA 2003 winner) in Paris. It also features Jacob Juul, Gabriel Hyden, Marc Moreno, Robert Guerrero, Anders Rishøj and more, with additional footage from Chicago, Innsbruck, Barcelona and New York.

This is one of the more important European works from the last decade, and well worth another watch. Be-Mag is very proud to present: Traitement.