Too Much Love 3 Pics

Text by Michael Garlinghouse

The snow has finally melted in Minnesota and it’s time to street skate (comfortably) again. It is a big transition switching from skating park every day to skating street again. We have all been itching to get out and start filming for TML3. Blake Cohen bought an HVX, so the video will be in HD this time around. Here are some photos from the crew in Minnesota starting to film for the next video in the Too Much Love series. Stay tuned for more updates to come as the filming continues. TML3 will feature profiles on Jeph Howard, Brett Dasovic, Michael Garlinghouse, Chris Farmer, and another person that will be announced soon.

– Jeph Howard, Gap to Soul Grind, by Garlinghouse
– Jeph Howard, Soul Grind – Gap to Ledge Roll, by Garlinghouse
– Aaron Peterson, Backslide to Drop, by Garlinghouse
– Jeph Howard and some crazy gypsy lady, by Garlinghouse
– Michael Garlinghouse, 180 That Grab over Rail and Ledge, by Troy Klingelhoets
– Michael Garlinghouse, Switch 180, by Shane McClay
– Chris Farmer, Fishbrain Wall Rail, by Garlinghouse
– Jeph Howard, by Garlinghouse
– Chris Farmer, by Garlinghouse
– Blake Cohen, by Garlinghouse
– Troy Klingelhoets, AO Top Porn, by Garlinghouse
– Michael Garlinghouse, Misfit