TML3 NYC tour update 8

So today is our last day in New York.  Super bummer, we have definitely had a blast. We skated a spot in Brooklyn we had seen from the highway, didn’t quite turn out how we had hoped.  After hopping some fences, we got two throwaway clips and I took a scary fall tripping on a crack before a launch.  Fish’s body is aching hard from touring almost constantly since February.  I think the two days off before the Straight Jacket Minnesota tour starts will treat all of our bodies nicely.  We struggled through a few spots in Staten Island and called it a day.  Time to get food, shower, pack up and head back home.  The trip has been a little difficult but everyone has had a blast.

New York City is amazing and has a huge, thriving rollerblading scene.  It is very motivating being here.  Everyday, whether we are going to the bagel shop, skating a spot, or grabbing a $1 slice of pizza we have passed by a group of bladers.  There are tons of little blader kids and plenty of old NYC legends still skating.  Definitely stop through NYC when you get a chance, you won’t regret it.