TML3 NYC tour update 6

Today was the “Skate with the TML crew at Pier 62 Skatepark” day.  We had a mellow morning and hit a street spot on the way to the skatepark.  Jeph and Jay got clips on an out rail and Billy attempted to fly.  We headed to the skatepark handed out a bunch of copies of TML and TML2 and the kids were hyped.  There were more than 60 bladers at the park.  Way more bladers than skateboarders, it was awesome.  Everyone was skating really hard.  The sun was shinning hard and it was really hot out.  It was really chaotic with so many people trying to shred, making it real hard to skate some obstacles at the park.  We signed some autographs after and hung out with everyone for awhile.  Jero shot photos of everyone skating at the park, so you will see photos from the event soon.

Even Ryan Jacklone, Jose Disla, and Dave Ortega came to the park and shredded.  After the session we went to a cafe next to the park and everyone started the evening.  We ripped the streets back to Billy and Jero’s and most the crew stopped by a ledge spot and had a late night sesh and the old crew shredded hard.

We spent the evening hanging and laughing at Jero and Fish’s and had a blast till the wee hours.  Tomorrow we are going to shred Queens.