TML3 NYC tour update 5

After grabbing bagel sandwiches at a deli we headed to Queens.  We drove past a few spots that didn’t click for anyone so we decided to check out the Maloof Money Cup park at Flushing Meadows.  The skatepark is pretty sweet, it is all street obstacles including some famous ones in New York.  The park had well over 100 people at it, including about 25 rollerbladers.  We hung out with some kids at the park for a few minutes then headed to the real Flushing Meadows ledges, since the park was so packed. 

The Flushing Meadows ledges at the globe but they were fenced in.  We messed around at the plaza in front of the ledges, got some ice cream and hung out with the homies.  Paul John and Franco met up again.  Jeph and I skated the Maloof park for 20 minutes trying to carve in between people.  Then we met up the crew at a kink rail and Franco got a clip once again.  After some solid loitering we tried out a few more spots and nothing clicked.

            After getting back to Manhattan and searching for parking for an hour, Jay Catrell met up and caused chaos as we walked through the streets.  We wandered about till 3 am and called it a night.