TML3 NYC tour update 4

Well it was supposed to rain today, so Billy, Blake and I got up at 9 am to get in a few hours before the storm came. We skated near China town for a while, warmed up on a few fun spots. Billy tried to 540 over a ledge about 14 times with a crowd of 150 people watching him. By this time Jeph met up with us.

Next we went over to some spots near the Supreme Courthouse, got a deal. This crazy lady that runs this website about her dogs in NYC took a photo of her dogs with pro skater Billy and should be on her site soon:

Jeph wanted to skate the Courthouse and didn’t believe us when we said you only have a couple tries and you get kicked out. He lagged, got in 3 attempts and got kicked out. Billy got in a huge argument with the security because he rolled down the stairs instead of walking down them. We decided to take a break because we felt exhausted from staying up late and getting up early. We regrouped, grabbed lunch, and then Chris, Blake, and I went down the street to another spot.  Chris and I both got clips, we chatted with some young bladers at the spot and went back to Billy’s. We all took naps and went out to blade again in the evening. Franco got a nice move and we called it a night.

We ate at a nice café, Jeph got a nice ticket for drinking in public. We came across bladers on 6 separate occasions today. NYC has so many rollerbladers it is crazy.  It never rained today, don’t trust the weather channel.

Here is Jeph’s throwaway clip from the courthouse:

jeph courthouse from blake Cohen on Vimeo