TML3 NYC tour update 3

I began to feel really sick and for the next 20 min I struggled to make myself puke out the window while we drove to spot 2.  I didn’t have enough liquids in me, so I pounded a Roaring Lion and let it fly.  After clearing my system of some bunk cream cheese I had eaten, it was time to shred.


Franco, Jeph, and Billy had grabbed some moves by the time I returned from cleaning myself up in a bathroom.  I strapped up, took a spill, and then got a deal. 


Off to the next spot.  We then went to two schools right next to each other that had tons of possibilities. There were some true Staten Island chumps playing basketball at the school. One of them walks past me and sees I have a camera and says “Hey kid, take a photo of this” and flexes his muscles for me. I of course take the photo, he takes a peek at it and I ask him “Oh wow, where did you get such big muscles?” he replies, “Juice.”

Fish got wild with some darkside grinds on a stair ledge and then some wallride moves at the school across the street. Jeph battled a heavy move on a big out ledge and we decided it was time for some pizza. Billy took us to his favorite pizza shop and by the time we were done it was dark and we called it a day. 

Billy is a wild driver. He tore through the city back to Manhattan and we drove around looking for parking for a half hour once again. Jero hopped on some rec blades and headed to a party on the other side of the city.