TML3 NYC tour update 2

Kind of got a late start again, grabbed some bagels and cream cheese, cup of joe, and hopped on the subway. We skated Brooklyn all day and ended at a spot in Manhattan. Fish and Jeph got some deals on this gap to rail. We hopped over a fence to an epic construction site at a pool and before we got to start filming, we got kicked out, huge brim. We shredded with some fixed gear biker dudes all day, super cool dudes. Check out there online video Shredwell: 

SHRED-WELL from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.


The crew also blades and are coming skating with us tomorrow too. Got 3 clips at our last spot in Manhattan while the little kids played baseball in the middle of the spot and hit Farmer in the leg with the ball. After grabbing some more $1 slices we went to a pool hall and played some billiards and ping pong and listened to live jazz. That was just a super rad place.