TML3 NYC tour update 1

Billy O’Neill, Jeph Howard, Michael Garlinghouse, Blake Cohen, and Chris Farmer drove 19 hours Minnesota to New York City with just a quick stop for food in Chicago, where Adam Exline ran down the middle of the street through traffic to show us where the burrito shop was.   After everyone slept off and on through the night packed together like sardines, we arrived in NYC dropped off our stuff at Fish and Jero’s pad and grabbed some $1 pizza slices and $2 falafel pitas.  We decided to go down the street to a chill ledge spot to get our tired legs moving a bit. 

We arrived to the spot where about 10 blader kids were already shredding.  New York City has a huge blading scene.  Everyday we randomly come across bladers.  It’s really awesome and inspiring to see so many kids on rollerblades.  We skated till it got dark and called it a night.  We then hit the town till about 4am and called it a night. 

The following morning, well early afternoon, we gathered our blade gear and got ready to hit the streets right when it started to rain.  First full day of skating, iced.  Jeph and I went on an adventure to an antique/vintage flea market near Times Square and walked the 30 blocks back to Billy’s pad in the drizzling rain stopping in some shops on the way back, grabbing a meal, and taking in the scenery.  After gathering with the group again we cruised the streets as a pack till way too late and went to bed around 5 again.

Keep checking back everyday for updates, the weather is supposed to be nice the rest of the week, so there will be plenty of skating that will go down.