The rollTogether raffle at rollTogether #13 in Rotterdam (March 13th)

The rollTogether crew will premier a big raffle at their next session. Here is the official press release they came up with:

Hey there,

so it’s just one week left until we all meet up again to indulge our passion, the one thing we call Rollerblading! In the last weeks we have thought about how we could give all Rollerbladers an equal chance to win something!

So we came up with this rollTogether raffle. So what’s the deal about it? Actually it’s pretty easy: Each person paying the entry fee will get a free card indicating a special number. At night we will announce three numbers that were picked randomly from a big box.

Three people visiting our session will have the chance to win a big prize (Skates, bags and other nice stuff). Make sure you don’t lose your card. We will only hand over the prize when you show us your number and original card.

The rollTogether raffle is sponsored by Grinhouse, Swankrolling and theConference! Thank you!

See you in Rotterdam next week on March 13th! Roll to get her, baby!
Europe’s biggest meeting of Rollerbladers in Rotterdam.

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