The Malta Experience

A few days have passed since we landed in Malta. We were staying in a nice Hostel apartment in Sliema and now we moved to the most luxurious hotel in Malta….The Phoenicia.

Maybe I did not mention why exactly we are here, you see, my friend Yann actually won a MTV contest online and got free round flights for 2 plus a 3 nights stay in this very expensive hotel (320€ for the cheapest room per night). as you can see from some of the clips, this place is the s***.

Guess the holiday part is not very interesting for you who dare read this, so I’m gonna talk a bit more about blading.

We found the skatepark on the first day here, and after talking to some of the local bmxers and skateboarders, they told us to contact Brandon Calleja. the local hero.

So I inboxed him via facebook and he gave me his number and we met him the next night. He was working at a little shop in the city so we had a few beers with him and his friend Jerry from Sweden.

The next day, Brandon picked us up from the hotel and drove us around to see the whole Green Side of the Island, it was really beautiful. We went to skate this little rail and then got kicked out by the rain, so we ended our session at the skatepark. There aren’t that many spots in Malta, at least you need to know them…so we are gonna change the format of the clips to “Whatever the Weather”. hopefully that’ll turn up nice!

Welcome to the Malta Experience.

Photos by Yann Dufeil and Nicolas Schopfer