The Apple Juice – An interview with Jason Greendyk

It is the tales, which I save here for the reader to discern from the work itself, of these journeys; the people, the places, the emotions, the struggles, the accomplishments, and ultimately the philosophies extracted as life pushes on and rollerblading dies in my everyday life, but nevertheless lives on in my heart.

And in some sense I still wait for its resurrection.  It is my belief that all rollerbladers can relate to this phenomenon in one way or another, whether it be from direct experience, from observing it in their friends, or simply in anticipation.  Regardless, we must note that rollerblading drives on towards its destiny. 

– Jason Greendyk

Be-mag: Please introduce yourself.
My name is Jason Greendyk, or as some may prefer, Jay G, born and bred in New Jersey and currently residing in sunny Fort Myers, FL. 

Be-mag: What’s the deal with your upcoming book The Apple Juice?
The Apple Juice
is the epic poem of rollerblading; rollerblading’s Odyssey.  It is the tracing of the life, death, and immortalization of rollerblading in the individual by way of the written word and photography. 

Be-mag: What does rollerblading mean to you?
Passion, an artwork, a masterpiece deconstructed and recreated all over again each time it is set to work.  Rollerblading has drive.  It is a political representation of the transient nature of the modern technological life that affirms in this technological abyss a certain sense of glory.  At its epitome it is a deep stare into the abyss that does not waiver on its terms of negotiation.  Poetically, to rollerblade is to live by the sword; to slay, to sheath it as a cross at your waist, in utmost faith, and inevitably to die at the hand of your own fury.  That is, to own shit, to revel in the victory, and to eat shit.  The conquistador. 

Be-mag: Photography?
Photography is the technological art of stealing a certain moment of our lives and setting it apart from those forgotten, immortalizing it.  To capture the essence in a translation of the light shed.

Be-mag: What’s so special about rollerblading photography?
Rollerblading photography, then, produces immortalized vignettes of the transient artwork that is rollerblading.  It is a means of immortalizing those fleeting moments of passion and glory where the rollerblader stares straight into the abyss and conquers.  Corazon del conquistador (heart of the conquistador). 

Be-mag: What skaters and locations did you feature?
Featured in The Apple Juice for their rollerblading are Aidan White, Erik Stokley, Sean Cullen, Billy O’Neill, Austin Paz, Kevin Yee, Pavol Roskovensky, and myself.  Photos were taken in the states in or in the vicinity of San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, and Miami, FL. 

Be-mag: Who shot for the book?
The photographers who contributed are Dale Travers, Zuzana Roskovensky, Peter Roskovensky, and myself. 

Be-mag: Finally where can you get it?
The Apple Juice
can be purchased online at

Be-mag: Anything else you want to say?
Thanks to all those who contributed to the book.  Special thanks to Sean Cullen, Kevin Yee, and Zuzana Roskovensky.  Our meetings in San Francisco were definitive to the formation of this work.  Also, special thanks to Brian Krans for a particular knack in his assistance with editing.  Shout out to Dale Travers for the connect and finally to Be-Mag for the opportunity to take this interview!  Peace out all. 


Author & Editor: Jason Greendyk
Contributing Writers: Zuzana Roskovensky, Sean Cullen and Kevin Yee
Contributing Photographers: Jason Greendyk, Zuzana Roskovensky, Peter Roskovensky and Dale Travers
Featured Rollerbladers: Jason Greendyk, Aidan White, Erik Stokley, Sean Cullen, Billy O’Neill, Austin Paz, Kevin Yee and Pavol Roskovensky