Sweden Go Green Tour with Billy O’Neill and Demetrious George (update 1)

Hello Sweden. Our first stop in the country of the beauty is Stockholm. Thanks to Joel (local hero) we were able to stay at one of the main streets in downtown Stockholm. His appartment was just a few minutes away from 3 perfect bowls which was our first spot of the tour: Nice atmosphere, nice weather and nice chilly session.

On our way to the second spot Beau Cottington (you know his old man sesession edits) joined us. Unfortunatelly this spot was not as chill as the one before – Demetrios was trying a 3m gap which brought him straight to the hospital and most likely he is out of the game for rest of the tour. Pretty sad and get well soon. Third spot was a perfect pool (except the fact it was over 25 Celsius degrees).

After that crazy day we ended up chilling at Joels place, some of us went out for a night photo session.
Next day was a street park and miniramp, in the evening we had to move to Eskilstuna – the city which is home to the ZeroOneSix skatepark.

Stay tuned for some more Sweden coverage in the next days.