Sweden Go Green Tour with Billy O’Neill and Demetrios George: Linköping and Norrköping (update 3)

The next day we went street skating, Nils did a sick soul to toup soul transfer on a gap rail, Monkey and Zebastian laced some tricks there as well. In the evening we went to Norrköping concrete park where we took a lot of good pictures, the skatepark is really awesome and it’s worth going to Norrköping just to hit the park (they are many good street spots there too …). The other day we went for more street spots and hit a skatepark in the evening, Unfortunately it started raining heavily so we packed our stuff and went back to Lindköping. We chilled out, the next day Fish, Demetrios and Nils headed back home. The tour is almost done, we’re working on some last clips and pictures and on Tuesday we’re flying back home too.

– Kuba Urbanczyk


Demetrios and Billy taking a rest at a beautiful lake in Sweden

Just another Drop-Rail

Shake hands with Sweden’s upcoming talents

Sebastian Cassel ripping the bowl in Norrköping, Sebastian is now on USD flow