Sven Boekhorst Pro Skate Release & Cityhopper+ Documentary Premiere

Introduction & Write-up by Johannes Jacobi
Photography by Dominic Swagenmakers 

After winning basically every event you could win from 1998 till 2005 Sven started to organize his own events to support and build up the Dutch scene, from skate lessons with kids to organizing shows all over Europe. The SB Pro model is the final result of more than a decade of hard work and commitment to the sport, also it should be mentioned that Sven is the first Dutchman to receive a Pro model. 

To celebrate the skate, Sven and his team of close friends worked on a documentary called Cityhopper. Traveling to more than 30 famous landmarks around the Netherlands armed with his Rollerblades and very own custom built RedBull ramp. The final project was premiered in a cinema in his hometown, right before Sven received the final version of his skate. 

If you have been following Be-Mag you know what Cityhopper is about. The Video will be online tomorrow. Don’t miss it! I am happy that I could combine a trip to Eindhoven with the Cityhopper premiere, just a couple of weeks before the Winterclash! This event has once again proven to me that the Netherlands is the perfect place for this event! The serious part is over for now and we are about to drive over to Amsterdam for the premiere party. If you have ever partied with the Dutch bladers, you know how this is going to go down!

We will give you another update tomorrow. Out for now!

-Johannes Jacobi


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