Small interview with Warren Digne

Questions: Sven Boekhorst
Answers: Warren Digne
Photos: Holger Thalmann

Tell us a little bit about the scene in Paris, France, and how you started skating?

I started skating in Drancy, a suburb of Paris, on a small ledge and rail together with some friends.

Drancy is still my favourite place to skate. Before I started to rollerblade, I did 4 months of inline hockey which was a lot of fun too.

Now I am rollerblading since 1997 and in the beginning I spent most of my time in the skatepark of Ballard in Paris. In this skatepark I also did my first contest and I took the second place at this contest. So I have a lot of good memories about this place.

I often skate together with Aktarus RSC, Denis Gul, Julien Cudot, Wistiti, Wilfried Rossignol, Gnaf, Tim March, 912 crew, UCK crew, Marseille crew, Strasbourg crew, Nantes crew and all the other people that want to roll with me – everytime with pleasure.


Focusing before the qualifications

Do you prefer street or park?
I prefer street skating in the summer and skateparks in winter.


Any new trick you are working on? 
My newest trick is half cab alleyoop fishbrain to makio to fakie.

What do you think about contests?

I love to go to contests everytime. Together with close friends we visit the contests to skate, to meet other friends from different countries and of course to party together. I like to travel and to visit new countries and nice cities and I am lucky enough rollerblading makes this possible for me. 


Do your parents support your skating? 
Yeah, they really did always helped me with my travels or they were bringing me to contests all over France. I am really thankful for that. I still live with my mother in Drancy and she keeps telling me that she likes to welcome my friends from abroad and to help them out. It’s fun for my mother.  


One part of his winning trick: Soul to Soul to Soul

Any favourite skater? 
My favourite skater is Wilfried Rossignol because he is skating good – both at street and in skateparks. And I like his personality, the smiles and the funny stories all over the day. I like a lot of other skaters as well, but Wilfried is my favourite, also because he kept me motivated to stick to rollerblading from the very first beginning.


Do you consider yourself as a good roll model? 
I think Rollerblade is sponsoring me for my skating but also for my vision on the sport.
I am a teacher of skating in Paris for kids, this gives me a very good feeling. I am also organizing together with my other sponsor Nomades Shop, the Nomades tour 2010 through France, Spain and Portugal. A 12 days tour with 7 skaters, one photographer and one cameraman.


Happy Warren


Best experience until now?

My best experience in my skating life is the BALKAN TOUR 2005. This tour was just amazing.

My words about this tour “ont ce cale le long du bus”. My friends are still laughing every time I say these words.

translation: let’s go chilling in the bus J

Learning English at the backseat of the car