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Here’s an excerpt of Brandon Ballog review on Rollzine:


Hailing from Footage Tape comes Jamie Olmstead’s full video Slideshow Rodeo, a video that captures the essence of its title. Playing out in a format uncharacteristic of a standard skate video, Slideshow Rodeo manages to be innovative while retaining a high level of skating with stellar sections by Michael Braud and David Sizemore. It’s refreshing to see how simple themes are used to create sections that border on the absurd by referencing skateboarding, fire, toe-blading, and Rollerblade Lightnings.


The themed sections involving fire, skateboarding, toe-blading, and Rollerblade Lightnings may not be technically sound on standard rollerblading terms, but they are choreographed in way that makes them effective and innovative for a skate video. Instead of being novelty, these sections are in fact a rodeo of how the format of a skate video can be executed in new ways. In the main sections by Michael Braud and David Sizemore there is a level of skating unprecedented in current rollerblading. Braud brings the hammers, the stunts of someone as crazy as Charles Dunkle or Pat Lennen. Sizemore proves that he is upper echelon talent bitting at the heels of the status quo. The speed, the grinds, the gaps with perfect spins, perfect grabs, and diversity of spots, puts more chips in his stack everyday. For anyone who doubted him, he’s arrived.


The film plays out in way that questions the foundations of rollerblading and makes it an actual slideshow rodeo. It’s all in good fun, and as stated with the strong technical merit, I think viewers will respect the dedication to thinking outside the box dedicating elements of rollerblading to simple themes. Using a skateboard for an entire section to enhance rollerblading is in-and-itself a very loaded statement. However, it is handled in a way that you will feel proud to blade or die, and subtlety shit on skateboarding’s disdain for us. Using their vehicle of expression — to further our own expression — is an untapped outlet for our culture considering we shred many of their established spots. We do a lot to separate ourselves from skateboarding rather than taking advantage of it. I think Jamie is on to something here.


If you want to see something you’ve never seen before you need to pick up a copy of Slideshow Rodeo. You won’t be disappointed, and as a bonus you get a sick David Sizemore section.

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Check out the trailer if you still haven’t and make sure to get your hands on the DVD while supplies last!


Sideshow Rodeo – Trailer 1

Sideshow Rodeo – Trailer 2

Sideshow Rodeo – David Sizemore Promo

Sideshow Rodeo – Fire Stunt Promo

Sideshow Rodeo – Toe Blade Promo


Doug Urquhart: “Sideshow Rodeo fuses raw rolling talent with experimental creativity. A successful attempt to further evolve the future of rollerblading.”

Dre Powell: “The video was an awesome display of freestyle skating! The fire section was amazing!”

Joey McGarry: “Holy fuckballs that was amazing.”


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