I am very exited to announce that on July 1st shop-task will be moving to a nice little retail shop in downtown Vancouver. Shop-Task has been in business for 5 years now. Starting from scratch, we quickly became Canada’s leading freestyle rolling shop. Our online shop managed to expend and support the Canadian community during it’s lowest times and create a very solid foundation to the Canadian rollerblading scene. The opening of Shop-Task to the public is a huge milestone and it will do alot of good to every rollerblader across the country. Our goal is to put rollerblading in the public eye and make the Canadian Rollerblading scene stronger and bigger than ever before. I believe that this is a new beginning for Canadian Rollerblading and I am very proud to be a part of this historic moment. I want to thank every one who sported and believed in my Task. Thank you for making it all possible, me love you long time.

-Leon Basin // Owner of Shop-Task

Shop-Task is inviting all rollerbladers across Canada to Join our celebration. Come to Vancouver and enjoy an unforgettable weekend of fun and rollerblading. Meet new friends, check out our new store, skate downtown, experience Vancouver, party and hang out, watch imaginebladeshun and alot more. Help us make this event BIG and promote our new store and rollerblading to the public.

Schedule :

July 1st (Thursday) – Shop-Task Grand opening day
– Store will be open 2-8pm
– Special in store promotions
– Donation box to support the shop
– Grand Opening exclusive pins to all costumers.
Show your support by attending and donating to keep us around

July 2nd (Friday) – Welcome to Vancouver day
– Store will be open 2-8pm
– Welcome party at the infamous Cambie bar from 9 until we get kicked out.

July 3rd (Saturday) – The BIG day
– store will be open from 12am -2pm
– Downtown Vancouver street session from 2-6pm (meeting at the shop)
– The session will end at English bay Beach with a nice refreshing swim/shower and the beautiful BC sunset.
– IMAGINE BLADE SHUN Premier at Leon’s house at 8 pm

July 4th (Sunday) – Chilling Day
– store will be open from 12am -2pm
– Relaxed session at a local skatepark or a box session at Andy Livingston park 2-6pm (meeting at the shop)
– Doing whatever we feel like for the rest of the day.