Sean Kelso Update – Part 1 of a 2 part series

Quoting from theConference-page:

1) Whatup SK? What was the last thing you just did before opening this email?
I’m actually working on my final project for school. Its a history of William Penn Highschool in Philadelphia. I tracked down all the old videos it has been in, all of the legends who have come through, and I’m doing a history to present, short documentary on the location. A normal looking high school seen through the eyes of a skater.

2) You’ve got your hands full right now with skating, filming, and college. What’s your normal day like, and how do you balance so many things all at once?
For school, I always make my schedule 2 days a week, I go all day long which kind of sucks. However, I don’t get much home work, so this makes room for everything else, which is basically just skating and filming…

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