Scorching Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is a place where rollerblading used to be the reason you got out of bed in the afternoon. “Cenok” or “cenokisfamily” was the crew here and was an unstoppable force of tobacco and booze saturated urethane. The crew, consisting of a majority of skaters from Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore and Midwest City threw down a bigger hammer than a Shane Coburn Bang edit for Aaron Fienberg.  Our full honda of cherokee rollerblading indie rap hoodlums was the driving force behind each Holiday Inn evacuation In the Plano/Dallas metropolitan area come Hoedown season (regrettably.) Since, “The City” has fallen on hard times. Skaters have left, died, fallen victims of drug and alcohol abuse, moved, gone crazy, found success. Thinking about it, the personalities we had skating for cenok was unreal. Not that we ever thought about it but Jewish, Cherokee, Choctaw, Mexican, Asian, White, Black, Venezuelan, all collaborated to establish our crew. That itself shows rollerbladings potential to unify different people around an idea. But, literally the entire crew fell apart overnight. 


Its been Two 1/2 years. We wanted to show everyone the scene is still here. The photo set was taken from 7.24.10 to 7.30.10. 


Photos by Matt Klink