San Diego Power Ripping

Report by: B3000
All photos by: Megan Peterson

Image: Marcus Benevidas, Fishy

Our posse in San Diego rips hard. We’re all in our mid-to-late twenties and have all been blading for more than a decade. Despite our different sponsors and alliances we all love motherfucking rollerblading just because we love motherfucking rollerblading.

Valo has played a big part in my life and Hayden has just started to see how amazing riding for a company like Valo is. Stockwell (who was in Europe at Winterclash when we were shooting this for Be-Mag Online) and Marcus hold it down with ridiculous weight for Xsjado, Geoff and Pete work and/or ride Razors and have been riding the skates for years on the SDSF tip… and Toby Holden, well, Toby wants to, and deserves to be, sponsored by Rollerblade.

Image: Hayden, Bank to Fishy to Bank

To top it off 5 out of 6 of us live in a neighborhood where the bartenders wear 4×4 shirts. A neighborhood where blading legends such as Jon Elliott, Brian Shima, Corey Casey and Jan Welch have firmly established rollerblading as a legitimate lifestyle and sport, making it respected by everyone in our community. We are all proud to live in North Park, proud to rollerblade together in a place where rain rarely touches the ground. We have awesome bars, beautiful women and we are close enough to LA and everything south of it to be able rip with our homies, my boy’s B Smith and Julio and the rest of the Valo posse (team of the year what what son!), Sean Sea at INRI , the Cali Conference guys, the trash over in Santee and the Blade Game Posse (the Brierly’s, The Italian Stalian, Big Amadi, Tinsley, Thug lIfe Dean Coward from the ghetto).

Image: Hayden, BS Backslide

We will rollerblade for life, we look at rollerblading as our life’s work and we will continue to represent the sickest most underground fucking sport in the world. Rollerblading will one day again blow up and it will be because communities of rollerbladers, young and old, have stuck around and represented what they believed in despite not being able to make a dime from it. Although, in the best of circumstances, some end up making a few dimes.

Image: Tobias Holden, Back Torque up the Rail

People like Michael and Stefan from Be-mag, Justin from One, the IROLLNY staff and my family from SHOCK continue to thrive on promoting these strong scenes around the world and will continue to promote rollerblading regardless of our alliances, personal agendas and their attributed trappings in regards to competition in the world of  business is concerned. While I certainly represent none of the aforementioned people besides my aforementioned self and aforementioned posse I know without a doubt, in seeing dually how commited the kids in my scene are and  how commited our industry’s leaders are that bottom line we are all in this because we want rollerblading to be the realest most legit shit on the streets.

– B3000

Image: B3000, Wallride to Topsoul

Image: Geoff Acres, Gap past cap to Backslide