Sam DeAngelis Shoots Tim Franken in Cape Cod

Photos and Text by Sam DeAngelis

Skater: Tim Franken
Trick: Disaster Top Acid
Photographer: Sam DeAngelis

Tim Franken is a REMZ flow rider out of Belleville, New Jersey.  Over the past couple of years he has made an enormous impact on the skating scenes in both New Jersey and New York.  He noticed the square guardrail atop the half pipe, which set him up perfectly for a huge disaster trick.  Tim launched high out of the half pipe to lace this Disaster Top Acid across.  He was so locked on Top Acid that he slid through the curve for a perfect transition into the flat ramp.  

Skater: Tim Franken
Trick: Huge Mute Air
Photographer: Sam DeAngelis

The best feature at this park was this huge man made quarter pipe and bowl.  There was no coping around the lip and the transition seemed like it was smoothed out by hand… Literally.  To top it off was this huge shark graphic, which seemed as if it was about to jump out and attack.  REMZ flow rider, Tim Franken, came through at full speed and laced a couple massive airs high over the deck.  I was lucky enough to get this Huge Mute Air as Tim tweaked the trick with signature style.   

Skater: Sam DeAngelis
Trick: Mute Fence Stall
Photographer: Tim Franken

Sometimes you can’t help but use the materials around you to create some new obstacles.  Chatham Skate Park is full of extra material just waiting to be used.  With a couple cinder blocks, a piece of plywood, and a fence… This is what you get.  After a couple of tries, Tim snapped the perfect shot of me as I placed this Mute Fence Stall.

All of this just goes to show you that bringing your skates and camera equipment on vacation is a MUST…  You never know where you might find a skate spot for a potentially great clip or flick.