Roskilde Festival 2010

Roskilde is Roskilde is Roskilde…
One year of waiting was way too long, but finally we all made it back to Roskilde, which is located right next to Copenhagen/ Denmark.
73.000 Festival visitors, 20.000+ volunteers, perfect weather, nice skatepark and a never ending list of bands and happenings is a great mix to create your own little world for 8 days.

We arrived Friday evening and headed straight to the welcome BBQ in a great little skateprk the Copenhagen locals build by themselves. Good times, little sessions, BBQ and meeting everybody again. Welcome!

Saturday was the “Copenhagen Realstreet” which is also the final for the Scandinavian Realstreet Championship. Crazy Skating as usual and in the end Demetrious took the win with a wild combination on a dropkink. Congratulations again!
Right after the competition everybody got picked up with a big bus to head straight to the festival area to have a little after party and get ready for the camping time. The organizers of the CPH realstreet managed to build up all the tents while people were still skating. Nice move and everybody could relax and just move into the tent without any hassle.

For sure the festival also didn’t open the gates in time but way before. Like every year the people crashed the fences and decided kinda by their own at what time they wanted to start the festival. Good old Roskilde spirit!

Yesterday (Sunday) everybody was just chilling, skating a bit and walking around to get a feeling for the festival again. Nothing changed and quickly everybody was drunk and ready to party hard. And yeah.. that’s what we did. The sun is never really down over here so it kinda felt like dacing in a four hours lasting sunrise. Thank you Roskilde…

Here we go with the first impression from the comptition, the BBQ and for sure the first two days at Roskilde. Stay tuned for more to come and consider beeing here next year!
The best time of the year just started….