Rollvation “THE INVASION”

Now it’s the time that Rollvation will come up with a huge event uniting all the rollerbladers from the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany. THE INVASION will start with a big session in the The Promise-Skatepark (Heerlen, NL). This park is one of the best parks the Netherlands has to offer. It has many lines, high walls and gaps. For this day Rollvation will set up a special “Rollvation grindbox” in the park and we gonna bring a Live Dj that will spin off some nice tunes while you can skate that sweet skatepark!

So what’s the idea of the event? We would like to welcome as many rollerbladers as possible and have a big session with many hidden and announced contests. We will give away more than skating gear worth like 500€! That’s damn a lot of new stuff to win. But it’s not all about the winning! It’s THE INVASION that will start on this day and will spread his word through Europe. This will not be the last event you will be hearing about. There will be a Rollvation booth, Dj turntable action, free drinks, special contests and many other surprises! Be there to throw your tricks down and have fun with all the other bladers – for the love of the sport!

In addition to all this: We will organize a final session for the top bladers of the day. Make sure you will do your best as you have the chance a 200€ prizemoney.
Thanks to: Be-mag, Ucon, Red Bull, LB Security, Skatepark The Promise & you.
Team Rollvation