rollTogether 15 – Photo Update

Photography by Peter Bender

Philipp Preuss with his textbook alley topside pornstar

Some ambitious newbies that continued skating until midnight

Lars Echterhoff – official photographer and co-founder of the rollTogether sessions 

Maik Lojewski was hurt that day, so he couldn’t skate, but he did a damn good job organizing the event

Be-Mag representing and Sebastian Hofer X-Rated

Paul Nongent came all the way from Göttingen. After several hard falls he finally laced this fakie 720 and I was there to shoot it! 

Rookie time: the rollTogether team is always looking for a fresh talent. Here they just just announced the Rookie session.

Eugen Enin who is not a Rookie anymore. He landed more tricks than anyone else that day. 

MC Maik: Always pushing the skaters and the crowd to honour the skater’s tricks. 

Eugen doing what he does best: a lot of spinning before touching the rail. 

Lots of people were there. Sometimes it got really cozy 

The rollTogether had to stop the session several times due to rain, here the sun came through the clouds again lightning up the skatepark

The skatepark was integrated into a „Landesgartenschau“ (National Garden Festival): Just a beautiful scenery

Lars testing his flashes. You can check if they worked out here.  

Also check out the edit from the rollTogether #15 session here:

rollTogether#15 – Hemer(Germany) from rollTogether on Vimeo.


Make sure you don’t miss their next session which is coming up pretty fast:

Check out the rollTogether site to find out more about upcoming sessions!