rollTogether #14

Since we started with this project we’ve had 13 sessions at different skateparks across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland. Now we are proud to add another country to our list: Sweden! But regardless of the location our goal is always the same: we want to unite rollerbladers from different areas or scenes and bring the community together. No pressure, no stress, just skate- that’s the deal. That’s our plan for Sweden too, uniting the Scandinavian scene and giving upcoming shredders a chance to show off their talent! The session will start at 12pm (noon). The skatepark is open until 11pm at night and the entrance fee is 100SEK (10€) for nonmembers and 50SEK (5€) for members. If you want to stay overnight and shred the park the next day, you can sleep in the park which will cost you just 75SEK (7,50€), which includes a free breakfast as well! Please consider: Wearing a helmet during the session is required!
If you ever thought about visiting Sweden or skating there, then this is the perfect opportunity. Plan your trip right now and we will prepare a unique rollerblading day for you – jam-packed once again with little and not-so-little extras… see below!

Europe’s biggest gathering of rollerbladers
First and foremost, you get to attend Europe’s biggest rollerblading session! Meet up with your old homies and meet some future homies too. On the day, professional photographers and filmers will be at the session to capture your best trick that will be shown here on this website in our picture and video gallery, as well as featuring on the be-mag website.

Grindhouse “Rookie of the day”
In Eskilstuna we are again on the lookout for a fresh and upcoming talent, our “Rookie of the day”. How can that be you? Just skate as best as you can during the session and you’ll be in with a chance to win this coveted title, including a 200 Euro voucher sponsored by our main sponsor Grindhouse.

The Conference raffle: Win some big stuff!
Each person entering the skatepark will get a free card with a special number on it. During the day we’ll announce three numbers that will be picked randomly from a big box. Three people will have the chance to win a big prize (Skates, bags and other nice stuff sponsored by The Conference).

More prizes
Thanks to our ever-generous sponsors (Grindhouse, Be-Mag, the Conference, Swankrolling, Nimh, Razors, Rollerblade, Ucon and Gibbon Slacklines) we will have lots of nice prizes and goodies to hand out to you. Entertain us and your friends with a nice trick and pick up a prize! But don’t forget: no pressure, just skating!

The Conference product test
The Conference are providing some new skates for the event that can be tested directly in the skatepark, just bring your ID-card as a deposit. In return you can borrow some brand new skates models for a test ride! We will announce soon which skates will be available at rollTogether #14.

Swankrolling shop booth
Swankrolling will be joining us to set up a nice booth selling the latest and best rollerblading products from companies like Vibralux, Gost, Street-Artist, Vicious etc.

We are all looking forward to visiting Sweden and sessioning side by side with the Scandinavian scene! A lot of people from other countries have already announced their support and soon they will hit the road to join Europe’s biggest session in Sweden! See you all very soon.

– rollTogether