rollTogether #14 live update 3

Check out the pictures here and keep your eyes peeled for some more exclusive coverage from the rollTogether-session on in the next weeks!

Local kids shredding it up

Hedon Skate Team representing at the rollTogether

Skatepark barbecue

Horngacher doing a massive 540 flatspin

The ZeroOneSix-skatepark got posterized by rollTogether banners.


Who will be this session’s “Rookie-of-the-day”? 


Here we go: Joachim Wall from Finspång (Sweden) is
the new “Rookie-of-the-day”. Congratulations!


Roland Wander taking care of the Swankrolling booth!


Zebastian Cassel taking his well-deserved rest!


The Stockholm skate scene also embarked on the trip to Eskilstuna.


Maxence Valade came all the way from Canada to join
the rollTogether session.

Some days before the rollTogether: Nine people in Kenth’s sweet and small appartement in Stockholm!

And make sure to watch this rollTogether outtakes:

rollTogether #14 live update 3 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.